How do you turn a great idea into a realistic business plan, and what do you need for that? The workshop of Fenna Rutten and Mireille Schreurs of Rabobank took a deep dive into this key question by helping teams and partners with manageable sub-questions. And this is exactly what they did!

Even though the teams are not expected to deliver a detailed business plan at the finale, this was a valuable exercise! It gave an enormous boost to further developing their ideas.

For partners, this afternoon provided insight into how young people experience their food environment. For example their needs for the school or sports canteen.
Please check out the photo gallery! Check the photogallery! Reminiscing this afternoon, we are also looking forward to the pitch training at the end of May, and the finale on June 8. More information will follow soon!

Photocredit: Jonathan Vos

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