Does your idea make the difference?

Do you have the best idea to stimulate the consumption of fruits and vegetable products by adolescents between 12 and 20 years old? The Food Boost Challenge is on quest for groundbreaking ideas that make eating healthy more appealing. With that, you and your team can win 5.000 euro and a healthy foundation for your career.


Is your idea for example...

  • A new product that makes consuming fruits and vegetables easier, more fun and/or trendy
  • A genius concept where vegetables through a physical hotspotor event are transformed into an experience and ‘wannahave snacks’
  • An innovatie technology that stimulates the consumption of healthy food by consumers like for example a game or an app.
  • New routes to market or fresh presentation/branding concepts, which positively attracts adolecents to – for example in the school/sports canteen, public transport or in the supermarket – fruit and vegetable products.

.. Then we have put together an awesome opportunity for you in 2022. In there, your idea, from concept to product, will be developed in cooperation with leading companies!


The connected companies are very excited to guide talents with good ideas towards a winning concept. If you convince the jury or audience your idea is the best, you can win:

  • 5.000euro prize money for the jury winner
  • 500 euro prize money for the team winning the popular vote
  • 2 roundtrip tickets (incl. 4 nights stay) to Kentucky (USA) to present and validate the idea, that potentially best serves the US market, this summer – provided by our partner AppHarvest

  • national media exposure during the final pitch event on 24 May 2022

  • one team will get the chance to present the idea at Floriade Expo 2022
  • .. And of course, a nice list of companies who would like to have you on board after your studies.

This project will be unforgettable for all of the other participants as well. In the preparation for the finale you’ll collaborate with partner companies, get access to a wide network filled with facilities and you’ll be ready to pitch your prototype like a real pitch hero!


Why the Food Boost Challenge? Simply because it is needed for a healthy future! The youth is the future, but in the Netherlands 17% of adolescents are overweight. In addition, adolescents systematically do not consume enough fruits and vegetables. Something which would, if turned around would contribute to lowering the risk of being overweight and which would enable fruit and vegetables vitamins to be the perfect medicine preventing against a number of diseases.

The Food Boost Challenge is an initiative by Medical Delta Living Lab VIT for Life, HortiHeroes and Foodvalley NL at which The Hague University of applied sciences has a crucial contribution as a research partner. Along with 30 leading companies, start-up companies and educational institutions we have bundled our strengths and challenge you to work on a cool idea with us.


  • You are registered at a Dutch educational institution (vocational education, high school or university) or you’ve graduated maximally two years ago.
  • You study and live in the Netherlands and understand Dutch.
  • You are at least 16 years old and not older than 28 years old.
  • You have a team with at least 2 members and maximally 6 members (not all team members have to be from one educational institution).
  • You are willing to share and publish your idea at which it will remain to be yours and your team’s property until determined otherwise.
  • There is always one member available on the data stated below.


    • You will remain the owner of your concept or solution in your application / pitch, until you agree otherwise.
    • Be aware of the fact that your pitch will be viewed by industry professionals and (concepts and ideas in it) may be shared with others. Keep sensitive unique (technical) details out of your application and pitch.


      The Food Boost Challenge consists of four phases: from research to a concept idea and from concept development to prototyping. This way you will work on a healthy eating pattern for the next generations.

      You can submit your idea till the 19th of February by filling in the registration form. Based on the registrations the jury nominates 10 ideas that will be developed.

      Partner companies are interested in:

      • Innovative and scaleable ideas with potential impact
      • Teams with passion, knowledge and drive to get the most out of this challenge

        Some inspiration from partners:

      • A change in the supermarket or school canteens
      • A game on the awareness and benefits of eating fruit and vegetables products
      • Making fruits and vegetables ‘sexy’ to consume using different innovations
      • Vegetables (like legumes) as a potential substitute for animal proteins


      • 10/1: Challenge opens for registration
      • 19/2: Deadline for registrations
      • 11/3: 10 finalists are being announced
      • 18/3: Co-creation and matchmaking event; start prototyping
      • April-May: Pitch training and recordings for the video pitch
      • 24/5: Finale with pitches in front of the jury and public

      All dates and especially dates with a physical meeting are subject to any Corona restrictions.

      Overall jury

      Ron Simpson

      Ron Simpson

      The Avocado Show

      Gisella Silva

      Gisella Silva


      Nadie Winde

      Nadie Winde


      Matthijs Jaspers

      Matthijs Jaspers

      The Happy Activist

      Isabelle Spindler

      Isabelle Spindler


      Pauline Rosenberg

      Pauline Rosenberg


      Judges for Appharvest prize & chairman of the day

      Bianca Oudshoff

      Bianca Oudshoff


      Lotte Sluiter

      Lotte Sluiter


      Does your idea make the difference?


      There are several entrepreneurs who combined their passion for a healthy lifestyle with a new businessmodel. Products like: Maggioni groentepizza, BitesWeLove, Veggie Oats, Tommies snacktomaatjes, Jackfruit vleesvervangers, Wholy Greens vegetable pasta, The Avocado Show and Groente Wraps.

      All of those entrepreneurs proved that a healthy drive can make the difference with fruit and vegetables. Can we soon add you and your idea to the list of innovators?





      You can apply for the challenge via the button below (redirection to Google Forms). Do you want more information or have other questions? Leave a message in the contactform or send us an e-mail at