What is the best idea to entice young people to make more often healthier choices at hots spots out of home? Let us know by casting your vote. Please vote before June 6 2023 midnight!

In the second edition of the Food Boost Challenge, we worked in Limburg together, for and with young people to tempt them to make that healthier choice more often at hot spots like canteens and supermarkets. Eight youth teams, together with partners (companies and non-commercial organisations) and the target group, explored possible solutions. They focused on the experiences of young people and developed solution in diverse directions: from app to concrete product, and from communication strategy to ‘route to market’. Take a look at the pitches of the eight teams below. Which idea wins your vote? Which idea wins your vote?

Food Fit | Gezonde, kleurrijke, lekkere groente wraps voor in de sportkantine
Food Freedom | Dé manier om jongeren daadwerkelijk te bereiken, voor een gezonde generatie
The Crusty Club | Crunch your cravings with the Crusty Club | Gezondere pizzabroodjes voor jongeren!
The Freshub | De gezonde chillplek op middelbare scholen
Toast-Tastic | Duurzame Broodbeleg-Boxes: Gezond genieten waar je ook bent!
Tosti Truck | De tosti-foodtruck die de gezondere keuze makkelijk maakt
PowerBox | Dé oplossing voor energie en herstel van sportende jongeren
QuickPick | Dé app die jongeren stimuleert om de gezonde keuze te maken in de schoolkantine


Vote for your favorite team before June 6th 2023 midnight, using the form on the right. The team with the most votes wins the audience prize of €500. We will announce the winners of the public award and the professional jury award during the final on June 8th 2023 at Vista College in Heerlen.

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