Food Boost Challenge

Recipe for a healthy next generation







A healthy ambition

Stimulate adolescents between 12 and 20 years old to eat more vegetables and fruit


Adolescents in the Netherlands (and beyond) do not consume enough fruit and vegetables. We would like to solve that in a clever way: with themselves.

Eating enough fruit and vegetables is part of a healthy dietary pattern. It reduces the risk of getting heart and vascular related diseases, some forms of cancer and diabetes (source: Dutch Voedingscentrum). Besides that eating enough fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of becoming overweight or obese.

Adolescents between the age of 12 and 20 years old consume a lot less fruits and vegetables than the advised daily intake. This is especially the case with children whose parents are from a low and mid range social economic position (SEP).


What if we challenge adolescents to come up with new food concepts?

The Food Boost Challenge is an initiative by Medical Delta Living VIT for Life, HortiHeroes and Foodvalley NL at which the The Hague University of applied sciences has a crucial contribution as a research partner

Along with knowledge institutions and business partners, we challenge students to come up with their own ideas to make eating healthy more appealing.

In four stages – from research to ideation and from concept development to prototype – they give a boost to their own healthy dietary pattern and to the patterns of their own and next generations.

How and when are we going to do that?

Autumn 2021

A research done by over 200 hbo students executed among vmbo and mbo-students about their eating patterns and preferences, focusing on fruits and vegetables.

January 2022

Deadline February 19, 2022


An idea/design challenge for hbo/wo students to develop new food concepts in the following categories:

    • Technology
    • New food concepts
    • Hot spots
    • Routes to market

18 March 2022

Validation, co-creation and realization of a selected amount of concepts co-created between business partners, hbo/wo students and the mbo students as the consumers target audience.

24 May 2022

Pitch-event where one can taste and experience the new concept ideas on a national podium.




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